Hired, Fired, Fled

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Explore Ethiopia

Ethiopia. Just one mention of the place and people immediately think of famine and poor-taste jokes. I bring that up now just to get it out. The country has an image problem, but that’s in need of a change, and travel is the best way to change a false impression.

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An African Roadie: Part One

“You are a complete girl,” says the Swedish traveller who has already crushed my expectations of what backpacking graduates from her nation should look like. The mono-brow turns to chide me again, but I’ve already planned my defence and exit strategy.

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An African Roadie: Part Two

In part two of an African Roadie, we catch up with Charlie and Alex waking up in Livingstone, Zambia. The previous day was spent white water rafting on the Zambezi river below Victoria Falls, followed by a lively booze cruise on the wide waters above the Falls… 

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