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a Career in the creative industries?

This is a big one for people leaving school and uni… should I follow my heart and seek a career in the creative industries?

It’s hard to tell, as all you’ll probably know about the creative industries – or any industry for that matter – is what you’ve seen on TV, and the reality is, of course, completely different.

That said, should you give it a go?

In a word… Yes.

Why not? You’re young, hungry, and able to push buttons on photocopy machines. Give it a go, but…  

Be prepared. Know what you’re getting yourself into.

First of all, the pros – cause it’s nice to stay positive - (think of it like a Christmas Day lunch - ignore the brussel sprouts... for now).

The pros:

-       You can be artsy and creative (no shit)

-       You should have varied days

-       You should be surrounded by interesting, driven, creative people

-       You should feel more involved/committed to your work if you (mostly) love it, or at least like it

-       You (probably) won’t have to wear a suit

-       It’s transferable work, meaning you can easily jump from one type of media work to another, without much retraining

-       It’s international work, meaning it can be taken up anywhere worldwide (as opposed to lawyers, for instance, who can only practice law where they qualified to practice law)

Creative genius Big Bird takes lunch in Central Park

And now for the brussel sprouts.

The cons:

-       Most jobs pay eye-wateringly low salaries (especially in the early years)

-       Very high competition, making it tough to even get a badly paid job

-       A lot of ego – meaning there’ll be people who think they’re more important than they actually are (although this is true for many lines of work)

-       Often having to do mundane, repetitive chores at the start of your career (although, again, this is true for many jobs)

-       Long hours are commonplace, as is the expectation that you’ll work overtime hours for free, without complaint, as you ‘love your job’

-       And on that note, unpaid work – often asked to be undertaken at the start of media careers, and often lasting longer than is reasonable, or even legal

-       Hipsters.