Hired, Fired, Fled

Read Charlie Raymond's calamitous, globe-spanning memoir!




"Informative and entertaining in equal measures, HIRED, FIRED, FLED will have you hooked from the very first page."

 - Kaye Holland, TNT Magazine UK


"HIRED, FIRED, FLED describes the emotional rollercoaster that is the modern job hunt, and anyone who’s graduated in the last 10-15 years, particularly post-recession, is sure to empathise with him... a witty and entertaining read with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and some incisive nuggets of wisdom."

- Sarah Townsend, Arabian Business



"Raymond’s HIRED, FIRED, FLED is a sometimes comic, often tragic, but nonetheless engaging read. As he goes through his travails, he takes pains to shell out details of the social, economic and political background of the places he’s been to. Also, at the end of each chapter, he lists a set of 'lessons learnt' points, all of which can be useful for someone starting out early in his career."

- Somshankar Bandyopadhyay, Gulf News



"Although Raymond writes with an accomplished sense of humour, one that produces several laugh-out-loud moments throughout, wisely profound statements also come into play."

- Beth Blakemore, The Student Newspaper (University of Edinburgh)



"With tongue-in-cheek humour, gripping angst, and weighted notational advice... HIRED, FIRED, FLED offers an upfront and relatable compilation of life post-study... serving as a highly recommendable read to anyone graduating, or people entering into their penultimate years of study."

- Paul Rodger, Strathclyde Telegraph



"Raymond writes engagingly and well in a candid, conversational manner and is a natural storyteller. He’s also a memorable reporter. His account of being in New York working on an ill-fated film project on 9/11 is a thoughtful and moving understated piece that really stands out in the book, and not only for political reasons. He can be mature and insightful when he wants to be."

- Debbie Young, Debbie Young's Reading Life



"Raymond renders the reader helpless with laughter as he describes his ridiculously tight safari uniform shorts and his guiding tips... Overall, [he] displays superb self-awareness and honesty in the writing of this book, which is a light-hearted account of a not so light-hearted tale that almost every graduate or soon-to-be graduate can relate to."

- Taryana Odayar, The Beaver



"What is clearly striking about Raymond’s book is his diverse working background, carried out across several countries and continents, from Zimbabwe to Vancouver, and the sub-zero heights of the French Alps to the sun torched metropolis of Dubai, and everything in between."

 - Paul Rodger, The Student Advertiser



"Charlie’s talent for observing and then reporting on the ludicrous series of events that befell him will have you chuckling aloud on your sun-lounger... engaging and immensely entertaining."

- Iain Robertson, B-C-ing-U.com (travel website)



"This book gets a big thumbs up and is ideal for anyone looking to find their way in the working world. The epilogue has some amazing questions that you can ask yourself when setting your own goals... whether you want to test the oyster theory."

- Natasha Henson, British Style Bloggers



"The perfect summer read no matter where or how you decide to spend your summer!"

- Sim Riches, Sim's Life Blog



"HIRED, FIRED, FLED is the highly amusing account of Charlie’s bid to put the “oyster theory” to the test - and in doing so, the serial expat finds himself adventuring throughout Africa, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Even though told in a light-hearted way, not all of his adventures were so amusing at the time for poor old Charlie. But, knowing that he only has himself to reply on, he overcomes his obstacles, problems and hindrances more often than not, with a smile on his face and an amusing tale to tell."

- Expats Radio


oxford student.jpg

"There are moments of hilarity... as a second year English student, reading this did make me feel less threatened by the world of job applications and rejections."

- Rosalie Wells, The Oxford Student Newspaper



  • Daily Mail online
  • Article on Charlie Raymond's 2016 US election-themed promotional ad for HIRED, FIRED, FLED

"The end of the one minute 40 seconds video asks what would you do for your dream job? And Clinton is seen kicking The Donald who is seen laying on the floor. The video was put together by London-based author Charlie Raymond..."


  • TNT Magazine UK
  • Published an article titled: Post-Brexit: Will the World Still be Your Oyster? by Charlie Raymond

"Like it or not, Brexit – big bad wolf/liberating game changer – is on its way. Whatever your opinion, the UK has entered a new landscape, prompting questions about what this change means for the eternal expat. Are we to be forever confined to our island, never again to dream of a continental workplace, or will exotic new lands soon welcome us with open arms?"


  • Zawya (Thomson Reuters)
  • Published a Q&A piece about honest writing, career planning, and living through the 08/09 Dubai financial crash

"If anyone understands the struggles faced by young graduates and people looking for the answer to what they should be doing in life, it's Charlie. The author shared advice based on his experiences: "Be flexible. Think global. You're young. You have time to make mistakes. Don't feel pressured to get everything 100 percent spot-on from the start.""

- Jinan Warrayat, Zawya Thomson Reuters


  • The Ten Thing (thetenthing.com)
  • Published a 'listicle' written by the author: Top 10 things you’ll hear during Freshers’ Week

1. “It’s not crabs, it’s bed bugs…. there is a difference…”
The first victim of an STD explains ‘the itch’.
2. “Everyone on my course is a massive cock.”
It is what it is. Take notes, then flee home.
3. “Drugs are so 2010.”
What happened weed? You were once so popular.
4. “Do I need to go to every single lecture?”
Short answer: No.
5. “Yahhh my gap yah was amazing; Thailand is suchhhh a spiritual place.”
It’s also the place you picked up crabs…
6. “Free baking soda? Sure, I’ll take some.”
Ain’t nothing like free shit.
7. “Does plagiarism include paying for an essay online?”
Short answer: Yes.
8. “How do you get cig ash off a Macbook?”
Blow gently. DO NOT TOUCH.
9. “Three days after the best before date is still okay, right?”
Milk? Probably. Assignments? No.
10. “The rugby club’s drinking pee again.”
What is wrong with those guys?
And lastly, … “You haven’t read HIRED FIRED FLED? Get it. Now!”


  • UNFM (unisnotforme.com)
  • Published a Q&A piece about university, and whether the author thinks uni to be necessary for all

Q: How important was your degree when you left uni?

A: Seemingly important, but it’s hard to quantify as I wasn’t told whether or not it was a degree that got me a job, or something else. Even for low level media jobs they seemed interested in my English degree, but God knows why – you certainly don’t need a degree to photocopy paperwork or do the coffee run. In later years it was useful for securing work overseas, but not 100% required.

- Questions by Hattie Wrixon


  • British Style Bloggers
  • Published a guest blog by the author titled: Pros and Cons to Life in the Creative Industries

The Pros:

  1. You can be artsy and creative (er, no shit…)
  2. You should have varied days
  3. You should be surrounded by interesting, driven, creative people
  4. You should feel more involved/committed to your work, if you love what you’re doing (or at least like what you’re doing)
  5. You (probably) won’t have to wear a suit
  6. It’s transferable work, meaning you can easily jump from one type of media work to another, without much re-training
  7. It’s international work, meaning it can be taken up anywhere worldwide (as opposed to lawyers, for instance, who can only practice law where they’re qualified to practice law)

The Cons:

  1. Most creative jobs pay eye-wateringly low salaries in comparison to other professions (especially in your early years)
  2. It’s highly competitive, making it difficult to land even a badly paying job
  3. There’s tonnes of ego, meaning there’ll be people who think they’re more important than they actually are, strutting around, demanding lattes every five minutes (although this is true for many lines of work)
  4. You’ll probably have to do mundane, repetitive chores, especially at the start of your career (although, again, this is true for many jobs)
  5. You’ll face long days, and there’s usually the expectation for junior staff to work overtime for free, without complaint, as “you love your job, and don’t want to lose it, so run along and grab us a latte!”
  6. And on that note: unpaid work. It’s often demanded at the start of creative careers, and often lasts longer than is reasonable… or even legal
  7. Hipsters


  • Strathclyde Telegraph
  • Published a Q&A piece about the challenges of writing, the point of university, and the longevity of the oyster theory

PAUL RODGER: You said in your book you didn’t particularly enjoy university, questioning its lack of preparing people for life after graduation. If any, apart from your degree, what positives did you take away from your time at university?

CHARLIE RAYMOND: Not much, beyond the ability to use a degree to find work, which is clearly a huge bonus, and one that can’t be ignored. Yes, I had good times and met good people, but I didn’t feel challenged, or as though I was being prepared for the real world. It was sort of like kindergarten: easy, care-free education you should do, but don’t have to do, with similar levels of dribbling, and munching on fish fingers.


  • Just About Travel (justabouttravel.net)
  • Published a Q&A with the author for their Where The Experts Holiday section

How do you plan your holiday? 
Usually by seeking somewhere I haven’t been to, and then doing everything through my iPhone. Tech is incredible, revolutionising travel, yet I often hanker for a bygone era of buying tickets via a travel agent, then taking off with just a film camera, a wad of traveller’s cheques, and an excited knowledge that I’m en route to complete detachment. One of these days I’ll try it again. (I expect it’ll piss me off within hours.)

Who do you travel with?
People less attractive than me is the goal. It makes me look stunning poolside. Sadly those people are rather hard to find.


  • Gulf News Journal
  • Feature article titled: British expat describes Dubai in post-crash memoir

"Raymond came to the UAE looking for a journalism job but found much more. His book takes the reader along on his whirlwind tour of the world from a perspective revolving around the  search for work and meaning."

 - Justin Stoltzfus, Gulf News Journal


  • Arab News
  • Feature article on Charlie Raymond's US-election themed promotional video

"Author Charlie Raymond — who wrote HIRED, FIRED, FLED, a humorous tale of his succession of 14 jobs in 15 years, including journalist roles in Dubai — made the hilarious video in London. It shows a 'parallel universe' in which Clinton and Trump, far from being bitter election rivals, are very much in love. 'There's been so much hate and vitriol in the US election campaign that I wanted to bring some levity,' Raymond tells Arab News. 'These two people are doing all they can to fight for their dream job, which is what my bookis all about, so there was an obvious tie-in. Fighting for your dream job is great and admirable, but sadly Trump and Clinton are going about it in a terrible way!'"